Which hospitals are in the best health category in the US?

CAIRO – A study by the American Medical Association has found that a majority of hospitals in the United States have performed well over 95 percent of their hospital stays in the last two years.

The AMA released its annual Quality of Hospital Care Report, which looked at hospital care for the last six years, on Wednesday, calling the rankings “a reflection of a changing landscape in which the United State has been moving toward more efficient, cost-effective care and a better quality of care for all patients, regardless of income and geographic location.”

The rankings were made by the AMA’s Quality of Care Council, an independent body that represents hospitals and medical professionals.

It has previously ranked hospitals in five categories, including quality of patient care, patient safety, patient care coordination, quality of technology and quality of staffing.

The top five hospitals were identified as Boston Medical Center, Boston University Medical Center (Bristol), Brigham and Women’s Hospital, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, and Boston University.

The top 10 were each ranked in the top 10 by quality of hospital care.

The report said the hospital ranking system was based on patient satisfaction, hospital performance, and patient satisfaction with other hospitals.

It also found that hospitals ranked in lower-quality categories had lower hospital outcomes and patient deaths.

The highest ranking hospital was Harvard Medical School in Boston, where 93 percent of all visits were in the first two weeks of the year, followed by Johns Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore, which received a perfect score of 95 percent, followed closely by University of California, San Francisco, which scored an 87 percent, according to the report.

“We recognize that hospitals can improve in every category, but we believe it is important to remember that in order to get the best possible outcome, the health care needs of the population should be met,” AMA President and CEO, Dr. David J. Dao, said in a statement.

The study also said that hospitals should improve patient safety in the hospital environment.

In 2015, the AMA released the Healthcare Quality and Accountability for Patients and Caregivers, which outlined reforms it said hospitals should adopt to reduce patient harm and avoid patient injury.

The report noted that hospitals need to adopt a proactive approach to safety, including using physical barriers, changing patient protocols, and increasing access to electronic health records.