Swedish covenant hospital says it has to close due to high mortality rate due to infection

Swedish Covenant Hospital (SJC) has announced that it has been forced to close its operations due to a high mortality due to the coronavirus.SJC, which is based in Helsingborg, has the highest mortality rate of all Swedish hospitals and is known as the country’s second most deadly.

The SJC says it is currently running on just over 50% of the capacity that it had when it opened in 2010.

The Swedish Covenant has been operating since 2008 and in 2015 it announced it was planning to close.

The decision was made because of a large number of patients who have died due to coronaviruses, SJC said in a statement on Thursday.

Swedish Covenant Hospital is the countrys second most dangerous coronaviral hospital.

According to the Swedish government, the mortality rate at Swedish Covenant is 4,500 per 100,000 people and is at the second highest in Europe.

Sweden is also one of the countries where the highest number of deaths from coronavirence is caused by the coronavaes.

In 2014, Sweden had a total of 14,085 coronavires that killed a total 5,099 people.

The highest mortality rates were in Denmark, where the mortality was 6,912, and in Sweden, where it was 8,873.

Switzerland, Denmark and the Netherlands have the highest death rates due to all coronavirs.