Tampa Bay Buccaneers star RB Jameis Winston says he has ‘some soreness’ from concussion, but doesn’t plan to miss the game

The Tampa Bay Bucs star running back Jamees Winston is expected to play Sunday in the NFC championship game against the Seattle Seahawks, but the team will likely be without one of its top pass-catching weapons.

Editor’s Picks The Bucs will likely miss Jameys Winston’s role in playoff run Bucs running back running back Joe Thomas has been sidelined for three games with a concussion.

Winston says his soreness from the concussion will limit his effectiveness.

The Buccaneers’ playoff hopes hinge on whether Winston can return to the field this week.

Winston has had two concussions this season.

He has missed all four games in a row and has missed four games the past three years with a left knee injury.

In his latest media availability, Winston said he was fine.