What is China’s new ‘world-first’ vaccine?

CHINA’S CHINA BIOHEALTH SERVICE has launched a vaccine that is the world’s first to be developed with a “corneal cap” and a “mammary gland” that deliver a dose of its vaccine directly into the blood stream.

The vaccine, known as a TACIT-3B, was developed by China’s National Biotechnology and Biotechnology Corporation (NBBC) in collaboration with the National University of Singapore, which is the first country to achieve the world-first.

The TACit-3A vaccine was developed for children between the ages of four and six and will be made available to all children in China’s major cities by 2020, the company said in a statement.

The vaccines will also be available to children aged between six and 14, with an initial price of $4,000 (NZ$6,900).

China is the biggest producer of vaccines in the world, with more than 200 million doses of vaccines manufactured each year.NBNBC, which developed the vaccine, said it hopes the vaccine will also help China’s millions of people living with chronic diseases such as malaria.

“We are also working to create an additional layer of protection for children, as well as developing new vaccines to improve their lives,” the company wrote on its website.

It is hoped the vaccine can also reduce the risk of childhood malaria and other serious illnesses.

The country is now in the midst of a severe drought, with many people facing severe water shortages and millions of homes in need of water.

In May, a large outbreak of malaria swept across China and neighbouring countries, prompting authorities to call for more effective and timely action.