How the pet hospital industry got started – and now it’s on the up

Posted November 02, 2018 10:21:07 A small-town hospital in Western Australia is one of a handful of Australian hospitals to be taken over by a pet hospital operator.

Key points:The Pet Hospital Group (PGH) has a presence in Queensland and Western AustraliaThe move has been condemned by animal welfare groups who fear it could destroy the viability of the industryThe move is the latest move by pet hospital operators to challenge animal welfare standardsThe move comes amid an increase in the number of pet owners in Australia and the number who seek veterinary care.

It has been a long journey for Pet Hospital, which started life in the small town of Oundi, on the Gold Coast in 2011.

Its owners are now based in Melbourne and a fourth is due to open in Victoria in the coming months.

The Pet Health Group (PHG) started as a community vet clinic in Oundis small community, but the move has caught the attention of animal welfare organisations.

“We have a group of people who came to us to help us, and the majority of our members are members of the Australian Veterinary Association, the Animal Health Association, and a number of other organisations,” PGH owner, Tony, told News.

“The pet industry is a huge industry.

If it was just a hospital, it would be very small, it’s a large business.”

In the past few years, the pet industry has been heavily criticised for a number issues, including:The rise of pet-friendly dog parks, which are popular with familiesThe lack of veterinary care for pet-related diseases and problemsPet ownership is on the rise and the PGH is looking to diversify its business model.

Tony said the PGF was the largest and best performing pet hospital in Australia.

“Our vets have a very high standard of care, we have a great reputation and we’re very well known,” he said.

“It’s a very healthy industry.”

The PGH’s chief executive officer, Michael, said the Pet Health group was looking to expand to other areas of the country.

“I think the whole industry will be impacted by this move,” he told NewsCom.AU.

“There’s been an increase over the last couple of years of pet ownership and pet vets going into other parts of the world to do other things.”

He said the company was working with vets, veterinary societies, veterinary colleges and other organisations to help the industry grow.

“A lot of vets and vets societies have decided to take their veterinary courses elsewhere,” he added.

“That’s really been the driving force for us.”

So we’re really happy with where we are and the amount of people that come to us for treatment.

“Michael said the change in ownership would be temporary, but would impact on the quality of care for the animals and the quality and safety of the care.”

This is going to be temporary and we’ll work with the vets and the vets societies and the pet owners to see what the next step is,” he explained.”

If it’s something we can improve the quality or increase the safety of, then that’s what we’ll do.

“In the meantime, we’re going to keep working with the community vets to try and improve the care for our animals.”

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