Two Point Hospital Hospital in Miami receives $1.8 million in funding

Miami Valley Hospital received a $1,865,000 grant from the Department of Veterans Affairs on Thursday, bringing its total funding for the year to $1 million.

The grant was awarded to the two-point hospital, located in Miami Gardens, Florida, and the two hospital’s main campus.

The Department of Veteran Affairs has awarded a total of $7.7 million for health care to veterans in the past six years.

“We have a long way to go but this grant demonstrates our commitment to continuing to provide health care for our veterans and their families,” said Dr. David Buss, director of the Miami Valley Health Care System.

“The medical services we provide are top-notch and the quality of care is exceptional.

We will continue to lead the nation in our efforts to provide the highest quality of health care.”

Two Point was founded in 2000 and offers health care services to more than 60,000 veterans and military families.

The hospital’s primary focus is in the community of Miami Gardens where the hospital’s outpatient clinic offers comprehensive and coordinated medical care to patients and their family members.

The two-bed, four-bed primary care clinic, operated by the medical services provider, provides outpatient care to military personnel and their immediate families.

Veterans who are eligible for care at Two Point Health Services can receive an appointment online, in person or by telephone.

More than 5,600 veterans have been enrolled in the clinic, which is open 365 days a year.