How to spot the best and worst hospitals in the UK

This article is an extract from our UK hospital rankings.

We’ve included the most popular hospitals and how they compare to each other.

The best hospital in a given area is ranked below the worst hospital in the area, and the best hospital by a factor of four is also ranked above the worst.

The rankings include all UK hospitals with at least 10,000 patients.

All the hospitals have been carefully surveyed and there are also hospital quality metrics including patient satisfaction, mortality, safety, accessibility, and access to a range of health services.

Hospitals in the top 10, 10.5 and 15 have a ratio of 1.0, while the top 20 hospitals have a 1.1 ratio.

The average ratio is 1.6, and this is likely to change depending on the number of patients treated and the type of hospital.

If you’re interested in how our rankings work, you can read more about the methodology here.

This article originally appeared on Healthline UK.