When an insurance company tries to cover an emergency, a hospital’s insurance company loses millions of dollars

By Amy K. DaceyPublished Aug. 14, 2018 8:20am EDTAs a result of a major fire that destroyed several apartment buildings and burned down an entire city block, a group of insurers filed suit against the city of Bellevue, New York, claiming that it failed to pay the cost of covering its own injuries.

The suit, filed on behalf of the city’s insurance companies, is part of a nationwide push to make insurance companies pay for people’s medical bills.

The lawsuit filed Monday in the U.S. District Court for the District of New York claims that Bellevue did not pay for the $300,000 in medical bills for two men who were burned in a fire that broke out when an air conditioning unit in a two-story apartment building caught fire.

The city has paid the bills since the fire began and the insurers said the city has not paid any of the money due to the injuries sustained in the fire.

“The city did not make adequate efforts to reimburse [insurers] for their medical expenses incurred as a result [of the fire],” the suit said.

“In addition, [the city] has not reimbursed the insurers for their losses incurred as the result of the fire.”

The fire destroyed the building at 511 Main Street, which is located on the northwest side of Bellevues central business district.

The plaintiffs say they were living in an apartment building and were not insured by the city.

The lawsuit also alleges that the city failed to provide fire and medical insurance for all the buildings in the building.

The insurance companies have asked for the city to reimburse them for damages and compensation for their injuries.