Phoenix children’s Hospital is a virtual reality playground, says CEO

Phoenix Children’s Hospital announced it is launching a virtual-reality experience for its patients in an attempt to improve their health.

The virtual reality experience, which will be available through the hospital’s VR website, will allow patients to interact with their fellow patients and staff, view images of their care team, and interact with other virtual reality users.

Phoenix Children’s has already seen its virtual reality experiences hit the market and its CEO is trying to replicate the success in virtual reality.

Dr. Brian Bongiovanni said in a statement the experience will be the “first virtual reality-focused, self-guided, family-oriented experience” the hospital has ever created.

In an interview with Engadgets, Bongovich said the hospital was hoping to create a virtual environment for its members that can “rejuvenate” their health and well-being.

The company is not alone in its effort to reinvent itself as an innovative VR destination.

Earlier this year, Google announced it would begin testing virtual reality at some of its medical facilities, including Phoenix Childrens.

The search giant said it plans to expand virtual reality to its medical centers in 2020.