How to avoid a cardiac arrest at the Catholic Saint Anthony hospital

There are a number of safety measures that can help prevent a cardiac event at the Saint Anthonys St. Anthony Hospital, according to the hospital.

According to the health department, the hospital is one of the safest hospitals in Israel.

St. Anthony Hospital is located in the western section of Jerusalem.

The hospital is a major hub for hospitals in the country.

St Anthony Hospital is home to several hundred patients and serves more than 1,300 patients a day.

The facility has a number, but the most important thing for the health and safety of patients is the regular care of patients and the prompt treatment of patients.

According the health ministry, the health care system is highly trained and has undergone many upgrades.

The main difference between the Saint Anthony Hospital and other hospitals is that it is not open for surgery, but has a special surgical unit and is open for all the patients.

It also has a medical office, which serves all the medical needs of the hospital patients.

In addition, the St Anthony hospital has a dedicated pharmacy and a mobile pharmacy for patients.

However, it is also possible for patients to receive their medicine in other hospitals.

For instance, a patient in the hospital’s general hospital will receive their medication in a nearby hospital.

This also means that the patients can have their medications sent to other hospitals in a short period of time.

There is also a specialized pharmacy in the facility.

The pharmacy serves both pharmacy and pharmacy cardiology services.

According this department, most of the medication is given for the patients’ medical problems, and it does not require any special medication.

As for the pharmacy, it also serves as a central location for patients, where patients can find medication for their medical problems.

The Saint Anthony is one the most popular hospitals in Jerusalem and the country has one of its most prestigious hospitals.

This means that it has many patients who are undergoing surgery and are awaiting for their procedures to start.

If the patients have to be hospitalized for several days or for weeks, the Saint anthony is a very popular place to be.

It is one among the safest and most well-staffed hospitals in all of Jerusalem, according the health division.