Which hospitals are most likely to be affected by the coronavirus pandemic?

This is a question that has perplexed hospital workers for months.

How does a coronaviral outbreak become so severe that hospitals can’t operate at all?

As the number of cases and deaths has grown, there has been an increasing number of hospitals being forced to close, even as they try to keep up with demand.

The New York Times spoke to a hospital worker from a nearby hospital, who said the hospital had no choice but to close.

The worker, who requested to remain anonymous, said that when the virus first hit New York City, many hospitals and clinics had been closed, but were reopened to treat patients and their families.

“A lot of people said we’ll just close down for a week or two, or a month, and then reopen, and people said, ‘well, we’ll see how long it lasts,'” the worker said.

The worker said that at that time, the New York Hospital was operating on about 1,000 patients a day.

He said the staff had been preparing for this possibility for a while, and that they had already been prepared.

However, the outbreak was so bad that many of those patients were sent to other hospitals, and the worker and others said the only way they could have avoided closure was to pay a higher price for care.

“They’re all over the country, but we’re here, so we have to pay the price,” the worker explained.

A spokesperson for the New Jersey Department of Health said that some hospitals were already closing because of the coronivirus pandemcx outbreak, and were being forced by the state to close because of costs.

He added that the state has been working with New York hospitals to reopen them.

“The New Jersey Hospital has made every effort to ensure that New York State hospitals are available for those who need care and who need assistance,” the spokesperson said.

“But it is imperative that New Yorkers continue to be prepared and are able to care for those in need.”

The spokesperson said that New Jersey hospitals are not closing until the outbreak is over.

“As long as there is an active and serious outbreak of coronaviruses, hospitals will remain open for routine patient care and staff who need help,” the spokesman said.