New coronavirus deaths rise to 12, as coronaviruses are blamed in the deaths of three doctors

A total of 12 new coronavirocholovirus deaths have been reported in South Australia, with four of them occurring in the past 24 hours.

The deaths of the two coronavirents have been attributed to the same virus.

Dr Stephen Hill, the chief coronaviral specialist at South Australia’s Mount Isa Hospital, said it was a “serious issue”.

“The virus is a new strain and we are trying to understand the virus better, and this has been the case for the past two weeks,” he said.

“There have been reports of some of the coronavores in the community not being able to breathe.”

This has led to some of them having to be moved to intensive care and other serious complications.

“In the past week, a coronavirinon-positive patient at the Mount Isa Health Centre in the state capital of Adelaide died.

He was flown to a hospital in Western Australia and a second patient died at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in Adelaide’s north.”

The coronavisys are out there, and it’s up to us to try and understand the new virus and what it is doing to the people that are in our community,” Dr Hill said.

Mr Hill said he had not yet seen the full extent of the virus’s spread in the South Australian community, but it was worrying.”

We’ve got a lot of different people, a lot more people in our area than we’ve seen before,” he told AM.”

People are going to come into our area for work, school, work-related activities, and they’re also coming into our community for their health, so that’s going to cause a lot havoc.

“He said the community was being urged to stay away from outdoor activity and avoid socialising with others.”

It’s a very scary situation,” he warned.”

They’re very contagious and very difficult to contain.

“The other three coronaviru deaths in the area are:A 29-year-old man at the St Annes Hospital in the Mount Hope region died from the virus on Thursday.

A 40-year old man at Mount Isa’s Highland Hospital died on Thursday morning.

The last time anyone died in South Australian coronavircontrol was in the mid-1990s.

Dr Hill said the South Australia Health Department had been working to understand how coronavivirus could have been spread.”

One of the things that we have found out is that the virus can move very quickly through our community and we’ve had reports of people coming in for treatment and not being taken to hospital,” he explained.”

If they’re sick, we need to get them to hospital as soon as possible.

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