When the doctor’s job is in danger, how you treat your patients matters

SPARROW HOSPITAL, Iowa (CBS Iowa) — When the doctors job is on the line, how do you treat those patients?

It’s the same question asked by patients, nurses, doctors, and family members.

And the answer can vary depending on what your role is in the emergency room, the hospital where you work, and the patients that need your help.

In Iowa, the stakes are high.

Hospitals are under fire for their handling of the coronavirus pandemic and the recent death of a nursing home patient, but some are now saying their hands are tied when it comes to what happens in the hospital.

“It’s a really delicate balance,” said Steve Johnson, who is the president and CEO of the Iowa Hospitals Association.

Johnson has been at the helm of Hospitals Iowa, which represents the state’s hospitals and doctors, since 2007.

He says that in order to be effective, Hospitals must understand how patients are treated.

The organization says the nurses who care for patients must know their responsibilities, and that they must treat the patients and staff who are most at risk.

Johnson says that he has to know what is going on with his hospital, but also what is not.

“I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I know everything.

I know that I’m a very good nurse, but I don’t know if I can answer those questions myself,” Johnson said.

And in Iowa, Johnson says he’s heard a lot of people ask him about the coronaveirosis.

It is a condition where the blood vessels are damaged and the oxygen in the lungs is depleted.

It can lead to respiratory infections and even death.

Johnson said it is important to be aware of what the hospital is doing and what the rules are, because if something goes wrong, he believes patients should know.

“We’re a hospital, we’re a profession, we’ve got to be responsible.

We’ve got rules.

We’re a human organization, and sometimes mistakes happen,” Johnson added.

Hospitals Iowa says the hospital staff must take care of those in need.

It also says nurses should not be allowed to take care from patients in isolation.

Hospices Iowa also says it does not condone patient harm or abuse, and if there is a case of abuse, staff should be held accountable.

Johnson agrees.

“It’s very difficult to get through a week with someone that’s a patient.

You want to take their time.

You’re looking at them.

You have to get them to where they’re comfortable.

I don and don’t want to put patients in that situation,” Johnson explained.

The group says Hospitals is a part of the state, but it does have a mission statement that states that the hospital must provide for the safety and well-being of its staff.

Hospits Iowa says it’s not trying to be a perfect organization, but the hospitals mission is to be the best that it can be.