How to install an Ebola treatment center on the US Navy’s USS Midway

Posted February 20, 2019 11:15:52 The United States Navy has begun building a treatment facility on its newest aircraft carrier, the USS Midwater.

It is the first time that the ship has a full-time Ebola treatment facility.

The Midway is set to embark on a new mission with an international humanitarian effort in the wake of the outbreak.

The USS Midpoint has already spent more than six months at sea conducting humanitarian and disaster relief operations.

The ship’s arrival in the Persian Gulf is the latest of several humanitarian missions underway in the region.

In December, the ship launched its first humanitarian mission, a four-day visit to the Philippines to deliver medical supplies and food to the country’s 7 million people.

It has also conducted humanitarian relief operations in Yemen, Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates.