Fake hospital ‘was created in response to a patient death’

REAL HOSPITAL (AP) The fake hospital in suburban Los Angeles that pretended to be a hospital for a patient with terminal brain cancer was built to “help patients deal with the loss of a loved one,” according to an investigation by the Los Angeles Times.

It was not a real hospital but instead an operation to simulate a facility that was used to test out new technologies and to try to replicate a medical emergency, the Los Angles Times reported.

A hospital spokeswoman said the hospital “never created the fake hospital” and that the fake facility is operated by an independent contractor.

It says it is an independent testing company that was contracted by a California hospital and is currently being paid by the hospital.

The fake Los Angeles hospital has since shut down, but the newspaper reported that the Los Aniversario Health Care Center is still operating at the location.

The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, which is investigating the case, did not immediately return a request for comment.

The hospital says it was “unaware of any specific threat to the public.”

The newspaper reported the fake Los Angos Health Care center was set up by a group of friends and relatives of the deceased patient, who was suffering from leukemia.

A spokesperson for the city attorney’s office said the group was unaware of any credible threat to public safety.

A spokesman for the hospital, which had not responded to a request from The Associated Press for comment, said in an email that the hospital is “actively working to improve its safety.”

The fake LAGOS hospital was set-up by friends and family of the patient, whose name is not being released, and a fake hospital representative told the Times that it was created in “response to a public health crisis.”

The real Los Angeles Health Care Centers, which are not part of the investigation, said they “are not aware of any actual threat to anyone’s safety.”

Los Angeles officials have ordered all city-owned hospitals and health care facilities to stop using fake medical centers.

A spokeswoman for the mayor’s office also said in a statement that the city’s “primary concern” is “safety and the health of our residents.”

The Associated News has previously reported on fake medical facilities that have sprung up around the country in recent years to test technologies to combat infections.