Texas hospital opens in Mexico, becomes first in U.S. to serve all patients

NEW YORK — Texas has opened a hospital in Mexico and is the first in the U.T. to offer all patients a full hospital visit.

The hospital opened in the city of Nuevo Laredo on Wednesday.

It will serve as a general hospital in the capital, Mexico City, and the hospital’s doctors and nurses will serve residents of the state.

The opening of the hospital comes as Mexico is grappling with a surge in the number of deaths linked to the coronavirus that began Jan. 7.

The U.N. has called the pandemic the worst since the pandemics of 1918 and 1921.

The new hospital is expected to open in 2019, but it is unclear how long that will take.

It has a capacity of about 400 beds and can accommodate a maximum of 1,200 patients.

In July, the hospital became the first U.K. institution to open its doors in Mexico.