What you need to know about the Holy Name hospital in Kalamazoo

Children’s Hospital Kalamazau is one of the first hospitals to receive a new $1.5 billion expansion and has received an additional $1 million in funding to help the hospital meet its ambitious goal to treat 700 new cases a day.

The expansion of Kalamazou Children’s Medical Center is part of the broader $1 billion Kalamazous Children’s Health Initiative.

The goal of the hospital is to reach more than 700 new patients per day by 2021.

In the meantime, the hospital has received $3.5 million in additional funding to support its ongoing operations.

The hospital also received a new state of the art diagnostic imaging lab and a new 24-hour crisis center, according to a news release.

The Kalamazos Children’s Hospitals Division, the Kalamazoos Health Care Agency and the Kalampans Health Department are working together to expand the hospital’s capacity to help address its growing number of new patients.

The expansion will also include the addition of two new operating rooms.

The new expansion will increase the hospital to 4,500 beds, a 2,500-bed addition to its existing 7,500 patients and an additional 2,000 beds to help accommodate patients coming from across Michigan and to support the expansion of its medical care and clinical care programs.

The $1-billion expansion is expected to bring the hospital one step closer to its goal of treating 700 new children a day by 2023.

The state has also made significant investments in Kalamans healthcare and mental health system, including the creation of the Kalamau Health Care Alliance.

The Alliance is the state’s largest health care program, and the state has pledged to invest $1,500 million over the next four years into the Alliance.

The alliance has expanded Kalamazoomas health care to include additional health centers, health centers and outpatient clinics to help people access primary care.

The state also is developing a $1 per capita health care spending plan to help pay for its healthcare needs.

The expanded hospital, which opened in November, will be in a more stable building with a lower-floor roof and new windows.

The new facility will also offer a new clinical care center, a 24-Hour Crisis Center, new diagnostic imaging laboratory and a 24/7 emergency department.

The Kalamazovans Health Care Administration will be helping to provide a range of services for patients and staff at the new Kalamazozan Hospital.

The hospital has also been given a new emergency department and expanded services for emergency and transitional care.

The newly expanded hospital will be able to operate 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

The staff will have access to more specialized care.