What happened at the christ hospital in St Anthony?

A friend of a friend had recently visited the hospital, where they were staying.

They had just taken a shower and were returning to their rooms when a man entered the room.

The man, identified as Naseer, allegedly said: “Please, let me go and get some water”.

Naseer was then asked to leave the room, which he did, but he kept trying to enter.

Eventually, a hospital employee tried to take the man back into the room and after a struggle, he managed to get away.

The woman was shocked to find the man sitting on the floor of the waiting room, and she was shocked by what she found.

“He was sitting there with his feet up and he was crying, saying, ‘I can’t go back because I have no money’,” she said.

“I thought it was strange that someone would go there, but I asked him why he had not come in.

He said, ‘Well, I don’t have any money to buy any water, so I’m not going to go.'””

He then started crying.

He was very upset and very upset.

He had no money.

He looked really distressed,” she said, adding that Nasees mother had also come to the hospital to see him.

She added: “When we got to the room to see Naseers mother, he was not there.

I was shocked.

It was a horrible sight.”

She added that the hospital staff did not offer any help to the man or his family.

“They didn’t tell me what to do, or why he was here.

I told them I would call the police,” she added.

When contacted by The Hindu, the hospital said: “[We] have since been informed that Mr Naseeer had been admitted to the Christ hospital.

We will assist his family in any way that we can.”

A spokesperson for St Anthony Hospital said they are aware of the incident and will be contacting Naseem’s family to offer support.

The incident is being investigated by the Kerala State Human Rights Commission (KSHRC) and the police.