How to avoid a meltdown at the L.A. Grace Hospital after a mass shooting

The L.I. Grace hospital was hit by a shooting spree Tuesday afternoon.

The shooting happened shortly before 2 p.m. on a hospital hallway at the northwest corner of North and West Broadway, according to a hospital spokesperson.

Police said one person was dead and another person was shot.

The incident happened on the third floor of the hospital and police are investigating.

We’re still at this time.

No other information was immediately available.

A police spokesperson told the Los Angeles Times that they believe the shooting was an isolated incident and that there was no connection between the hospital, the gunman or anyone else.

The hospital has more than 1,300 beds and about 400 patients, according a spokesperson.

It’s part of a medical complex, according the spokesperson.

A total of 7,600 people work at the hospital.