When you’re ready to make a trip to the Trinity Hospital

When you were a kid, you might have dreamed of going to a hospital in the Bronx, where doctors and nurses would treat you like royalty.

Today, that dream is a little bit different.

Trinity Hospital, where the hospital is located, is closing its doors for good.

The reason?

It’s been a financial struggle. 

Trinity Hospital has had to shut down its emergency room due to financial woes, the Bronx Times reported.

According to The Times, Trinity Hospital was losing $500,000 per year, but because the hospital was a private entity, there were no health insurance plans to cover it.

The hospital’s board of directors decided to close the emergency room after it ran out of money in April.

Trinity has had problems with its emergency rooms since the 1960s. 

When the hospital first opened in 1961, it was a relatively small institution.

It had a total of about 150 beds.

Today that number has more than doubled. 

But the hospital still has an emergency room, and the current emergency room was built with the help of a private contractor. 

In an interview with the Times, Dr. Stephen Zuckerman, director of the hospital’s Emergency Department, explained that Trinity Hospital is still financially stable.

He said the hospital relies on private donations and other donations from hospitals around the country. 

Zuckerman said the health care system is very well funded.

Trinity is the only one of its kind in New York City, he said.

Trinity also has a hospital emergency room at St. Luke’s Hospital, which is a private facility.

Trinity hospitals are a relatively new phenomenon in the city.

Trinity opened its doors in 1959, and its emergency department opened in 1965.

Trinity was founded by two sisters who were members of a local community group, Trinity Friends.

The sisters founded Trinity Hospital in 1963 and they have since expanded it into two separate hospitals, Trinity Medical and Trinity Medical Associates. 

The brothers started Trinity Medical in 1964, but they were not well-known in the area, according to a spokesperson for the hospital.

The brothers eventually opened Trinity Medical, which was the first hospital to specialize in trauma and critical care.

Trinity Medical began offering primary care care services in 1966.

Trinity Healthcare also started offering primary medical services in 1973.

Trinity closed its emergency departments in 1996, but it was still a popular location for people seeking medical care. 

 Trinitarian Medical Center, the first of its type in the U.S., opened in 1966, and it still operates today.

It is the oldest operating medical center in the country, according the hospital website.

Trinity Health was founded in 1974, and has since expanded to a total staff of 2,000.

Trinity, a New York institution, has a history of caring for patients in need.

In 2015, the city of New York voted to end its use of private hospitals for medical care, which would have caused Trinity Health to be the only medical facility in the nation that would no longer be using private facilities. 

A recent report found that Trinity Health paid a total $1.4 billion to private providers in 2016, but the hospitals continued to pay fees for care.

As of June 2018, Trinity was paying $3.2 billion in fees. 

It is unclear whether the hospital plans to continue its use for private care.

A spokesperson for Trinity Health declined to comment for this story. 

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