How to help a child in the hospital

The Boston Children’s Hospital is calling on parents to donate blood to help save the lives of the 2,200 children it treats each year.

The hospital says a special collection of blood from Boston Childrens patients has been donated to the hospital to help with its emergency blood supply, which was cut last month.

The blood will be donated by the Boston Blood Center, which operates the Boston Children with Cerebral Palsy program.

The blood center is the largest in the country, and it receives most of its blood from Massachusetts.

The center says the blood donation comes at a critical time.

In the last two days, more than 20 babies have died in Boston ChildrenS, a critical, life-threatening infection, and about 1,500 are in critical condition.

The children are born with blood clots in the brain that could cause permanent brain damage.

The group that is donating blood also wants the blood collected for other Boston Children programs.

Boston Childrens says it’s collecting more than 5 million blood cells a day from people across the city.