When you need a little help, you can call the St Joseph’s hospital.

Tampa General Hospital’s chief medical officer has been fired after a video surfaced showing a patient being wheeled into a hospital emergency room without an oxygen mask.

St. Joseph’s CEO Mike O’Leary was fired on Wednesday by the Tampa Board of Health after he was filmed asking a patient in the ER, “When you need to go to the emergency room, why don’t you just go to St. Joe’s?”

In the video, which has since been deleted, O’Reilly said: “There are people in this world who are getting oxygen in the emergency department.

They are the ones that are getting an IV drip.

They’re the ones getting an oxygen tube, because they’re the people who are doing their job.

But that’s not enough.

So let’s just have some people in here who can do their job, that can’t be replaced by an ambulance, let’s have some folks in here, that are willing to do their work, that have the resources to do it.”

In a statement, O`Leary said he and the hospital’s top executives have “been made aware of this video and take the allegations very seriously.”

“St Joseph’s has made the difficult decision to fire Mike O`Reilly effective immediately,” the statement said.

“I have been made aware that there is a video circulating on social media that includes inappropriate comments by a senior management employee.

I will not hesitate to respond to any allegations of misconduct made against me, and will work with our board of directors to address this matter.”

St. Josephs CEO Mike Loughlin said O’Donnell’s firing was a “personal matter,” but said that he and hospital leadership had agreed on his departure.

“St. Joe has made it clear to us that it is unacceptable for any employee to engage in inappropriate behavior, and we are committed to working with the Tampa Bay medical community to ensure that we are in a position to respond appropriately,” he said in a statement.

O’Donnell is the first senior medical executive to be ousted from a public hospital in the United States since President Donald Trump took office.

The video of O’Brien’s comments was captured by the staff of a Tampa radio station.

The station, Tampa AM 680, published it on its website, saying that O’Cullen “made derogatory comments about a patient, then asked an ER nurse to help him.”

The video shows a woman sitting on a stretcher, asking a male doctor if he needed oxygen.

The man said no.

O’Kelly said he thought the woman was in pain.

“You’re in pain,” O’Kay said.

He told the nurse, “I don’t need oxygen.”

“No, I need to help you,” the woman responded.

O O’Neal asked if she had a pulse.

The nurse said no, O”Reilly said.

The woman then told O’Keefe, “You’re the one that’s going to get to the patients.”

O’Loughlin later told Tampa’s Tampa Bay Times that O”Donnell made a number of inappropriate comments and made a derogatory reference to a patient.

St. Joes doctor, a former doctor of medicine at the Tampa Medical Center, is the second medical executive in the country to be fired over the video.

Last month, a doctor at a hospital in Florida was fired after an undercover reporter secretly recorded him asking another doctor for help in the ED.