How do you turn a team into a contender?

Fox Sports has revealed that the AFL has put an additional $30 million into the game as part of its commitment to making its next round in Sydney a top-three event.

The new funding will go towards expanding the stadiums and the facilities to accommodate more games and will include an additional 20,000-seat stadium for the AFL’s season finale against Collingwood in 2018.

The AFL has also announced it will invest $10 million into an ambitious new medical facility, a $50 million development for its youth program and a $10.5 million boost to the Women’s National Basketball League.

The expansion to the Sydney Stadium and its associated infrastructure is a significant step forward for the game in Sydney.

The expanded infrastructure has already delivered significant economic benefits to Sydney, with the city’s population forecast to rise by 5 per cent over the next 10 years.

The $30.5m will be spent on infrastructure upgrades, with $12.5million allocated for the expansion of the football grounds and $10m for the football training facilities, plus $5m for a sports science facility.

The additional $20m will go into building an additional football training facility in a state-of-the-art building, while the remaining $10-15m will fund the construction of a new sports science building and a new training facility.

There will also be a $4 million investment in the Women and Girls’ Basketball League and a further $4.5-5.5M for a new women’s program.

The increase in the AFL investment follows an increase in funding from the Australian Rugby League.

The AFL announced a $1.25 billion commitment to the sport in 2015 and an additional six years of funding for the 2020 season and beyond.