Why the county hospital is closing at a record pace

St. John’s Hospital has announced it is closing its doors at a historic rate, a milestone that has surprised even some longtime residents.

On Friday, the hospital announced it had closed for good at the end of December, ending the last year at a total of 9,721 beds.

The announcement was made by President of St. Johns HealthCare Jefferson Hospital David E. McNeil in a news release.

“Today we are sad to announce the end to our care,” McNeil said.

“We are sad because the last decade was such a joyous time for our hospital.

But our vision of the future has evolved.”

St. Johns is in the midst of a long-running $1.5 billion plan to expand the hospital’s emergency department.

McNeil said the hospital will continue to offer the services it currently does, but he said that’s a shift in focus for the hospital.

“We’ve got to move toward a more modern and sustainable model of care,” he said.

McNeill also said the staff will be moved to other hospitals.

“The hospital will not be closing, it’s going to continue to be staffed and provided,” he added.

The hospital has about 6,000 beds.

It is located in St. Thomas, a city just outside of St John’s.

It opened in 1967 and has become the country’s busiest and largest hospital.

In recent years, the cost of health care in St Johns has skyrocketed.

Last year, the average cost of hospital care was $7,600, and the hospital reported $2.6 billion in revenue.