How to keep a doctor happy with an expensive new device

St John’s Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, has announced a new smartphone that costs $200 and can monitor heart rate, breathing, and even blood pressure.

The new device is called the EKG Monitor, and it’s available to anyone who can buy a device that plugs into the EZ-Link card reader in their office.

“It has all the bells and whistles of a standard EKGs, but it’s also super portable,” St Johns hospital CEO David Smith told Ars.

“And it’s just $200.”

Smith and his team used the EKS to study what people need in a medical office.

When they plugged the device into a card reader at a medical facility, it displayed the patient’s ECG readings.

When a nurse came into the room, the device recorded their heart rate.

If a patient needed to see a doctor, it recorded the patient and their ECG.

The EKg Monitor can also measure the length of time that a patient’s breathing has been taking and can show if a person is experiencing respiratory distress.

A nurse can then tell a patient how long their breathing has taken and whether their breathing is “normal,” Smith explained.

It’s not the first time a health care company has introduced a smartphone device that can monitor your ECG—Google Wallet, for example, can do this with a wristband.

The hospital has been experimenting with the device for a few months, and St Johnans new device costs $20 to $30.

The device’s design and software are also different from the ones that St Johnstos other devices are based on.

Instead of a single chip, the EKYG Monitor is powered by a processor that runs on two cores, with each core running a separate application that monitors the patient, says St Johnss hospital’s site.

The processor runs on the card reader, which is connected to the hospital’s network.

St John s health care workers have also been using the EKT app to monitor the heart rate of patients.

But it’s the new device’s ability to track the heart and breathing that really stands out.

“This is the first device that we’ve ever released that can record heart rate and breathing,” Smith said.

“We’re not looking to go on the hype train, we’re just trying to capture the data that’s going to help us make better decisions.”

St JohnSS health care workforce members can get the EGO-Link by visiting the hospital website, going to the health department, or downloading the app.

It will also be available to doctors and nurses at other hospitals in the Kansas City area.

“The EKP is just the beginning of the future,” St Johns hospital’s Smith said, adding that the hospital will be working with other hospitals to make it available to more of its staff.

The health care industry is already experimenting with new devices that can be connected to a patient s phone, but Smith said the EKO Monitor is different because it can track everything from breathing to heart rate to temperature.

“Now you have the ability to see things like breathing that we didn’t have before, that we have been missing,” Smith told us.

“You can see your heartbeat and breathing.

You can see a patients temperature.”

The EKO monitor will also work with the hospital to monitor their work environment, he added.

“So if you are sitting at your desk and you have to leave work early, you can monitor the ambient temperature,” Smith added.

The hospitals new device, which can monitor both breathing and heart rate for up to a minute, will be available in a few weeks time.