Why a hospital that was built in 1885 is still in business

Lourdes Hospital, a child’s hospital in the northern Italian town of Newton Wellesley, is in the midst of a major renovation project, thanks to a $12.5 million donation from a foundation that has donated money and services for hundreds of children.

The hospital was built to treat children with infectious diseases, such as smallpox, pneumonia and tuberculosis.

But in the early 1900s, it was closed to the public because of a lack of beds.

In 2014, the hospital reopened with new beds and a new building, which is part of a larger effort to modernize the facility.

The renovation was launched last year by a foundation, the Lourds’ Hospital Foundation, which has a mission to provide “intelligent and supportive services for children, adolescents and adults affected by chronic illnesses and disabilities”.

Lourdes’ Hospital foundation has already provided about $3 million in medical equipment and supplies, including a new bed.

The hospital is undergoing extensive renovations, including new restrooms, a new kitchen and a larger reception area, the foundation said.

It said the new project was funded through a special grant from the Italian government and the state of Italy.

The foundation is also seeking more funds to improve the quality of the hospital, and is seeking proposals from residents and business partners, the statement said.

In 2015, Lourdas Hospital closed because of lack of patients, and only had a few rooms for patients and staff.

The project was a response to a small outbreak of pneumonia in Italy in 2016, which was traced to a nursing home, where some children were housed.

The children’s ward was closed, and the hospital was closed for another year, with only a handful of children left in the hospital.