Palestinian man dies after being struck by train

A man died after being hit by a train while trying to escape a car bomb attack in Gaza City on Friday, according to medics and police.

The man, identified as Mohammad Hamid, was struck by the train at the al-Qasr junction in Gaza city, the Palestinian Health Ministry said.

It said he died in hospital on Saturday.

The ministry could not immediately be reached for comment.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society said the man was a medical student from the university of Gaza City.

Palestinian officials say more than 50 Palestinians have been killed and hundreds injured since the beginning of the year.

The death toll has been raised to 664.

A separate Israeli airstrike on Saturday killed a Palestinian in the northern Gaza Strip who had been arrested in the same incident as Hamid.

The strike hit the house of an Islamic Jihad activist.

The strike killed a man in the Gaza Strip’s Khan Younis district, a security source said.

The Israeli military said the militant was identified as Mohammed Zuhair Abu Rahma.

The military said Abu Rahmas was killed by a drone strike.

The military also said that two Palestinians in the Khan Younes district had been killed.

Israeli police said the two were identified as a Palestinian man and a woman.

They were killed in an apparent Israeli airstrike, police said.