Texas hospital to open emergency room, outpatient care with a robot

Texas is planning to open an emergency room with a robotic arm, and a pediatric hospital is also planning to use a robot for patient care.

The move, which has been praised by the Texas Hospital Association, is the latest step in the nation’s evolving robotization of hospitals.

While the US has some of the most sophisticated medical robots in the world, they’re also prone to error.

It’s unclear how the new robotic arms will work, but they’re being developed to be able to do more than just carry equipment and diagnose patients.

A few hospitals already have robots that perform surgery, but the new robots will be able do more, too.

The plan is to use the robots for diagnostic tests, including imaging, bloodwork, and other procedures.

The new robots, dubbed “RoboAssist,” will operate in the following ways:When the patient is brought to the emergency room via ambulance, it will be loaded onto a robotic platform that will move the patient to a different room.

The robot will then carry the patient back to the operating room and perform other tasks.

The new robot, designed by the California-based startup, will operate at speeds of up to 10 meters per second.

The robot will also have the ability to perform other operations, including assisting with other patients, carrying stretchers, assisting with wheelchairs, and assisting with breathing, according to a news release.

The company has plans to expand its use of these robots throughout the state.

If all goes well, the new robot will be fully operational by the end of 2018.

The announcement came a week after a robot was used to help deliver a baby who was in a coma, with the hospital using it to transport the baby to a private nursery.

The hospital has said it’s looking into other uses for the robot.