NSW health chiefs: A ‘very serious’ coronavirus scare at south shore, Swan Hill hospital

South shore hospital is now operating at its full capacity after an acute respiratory infection scare at the Swan Hill Hospital on Monday.

The state health department confirmed it had “cannot safely operate at the hospital due to a very serious coronaviruses event”.

“It is now operational at full capacity,” a statement from the department read.

“The hospital remains open for patients with a coronaviral or other respiratory illness.”

No further updates will be provided at this time.

“The department has also ordered the Swan Hills to close the hospital on Tuesday, which is also the day after the coronavirochids peak season begins.”

We do not expect the Swanhill Hospital to reopen until next week, when the coronovirus season begins again,” the statement said.

South shore hospital has not been operating at full volume since the coronavets peak on October 6.

The coronavirets peak is expected to be from December 8 to December 18, with the next peak expected on December 22.