When you can’t find a good VA doctor in DC

When you need to get a VA doctor to come to your town, it’s hard to get help from the Veterans Health Administration (VHA).

That’s because you’re either looking for a VA-certified physician to treat you at a VA hospital or you’re looking for an actual doctor in your area.

The VA website offers some helpful advice about getting a VA appointment, but there’s no way to know if the doctor in question is actually a veteran.

Veterans Care Information Center (VCIC) vets, who help veterans find care, says that the VA has a list of VA-approved providers who can take care of them.

It lists those providers in order of most to least.

For example, the Veterans Affairs Health Care Improvement Act of 2015 requires that every veteran receive a VA health care provider within the first three months of their diagnosis.

A VA spokesperson told Engadge that those who need a VA care provider must apply for an appointment through the VA website and the VA will verify that the provider is qualified.

However, this process can take up to seven weeks, according to VCIC vets.

Vet emergency services can also help veterans who need help finding a VA provider, especially if they live in an area that has a shortage of VA doctors.

“If they need help getting a referral, they can go to the VA site and look at the list of providers in their area, and if they are able to get their referral from that list, they may be able to have the VA-licensed provider in their state come and see them,” said Amy Ruggles, VA emergency services coordinator for Maryland.

However, you may have to get more specific.

You can’t just apply online, so the best way to find out if you can get a good care provider is to call the VA directly.

The VA also has a referral service for vets and their family members who may be in need of help.

Veterans who are seeking a VA emergency care provider can call 1-877-273-8255.

To find out what the cost of a VA treatment depends on your situation, check out this spreadsheet, from VA Health Care:How to Find a VA Care Provider in Your Area.