Holy redeemer Hospital in Rochester is being built to house the highest volume of cardiac arrest patients in the country

Rochester, NY – The Holy Redemption Hospital in downtown Rochester, New York is about to get a big facelift.

The hospital was built to handle more than 60,000 cardiac arrest cases per year.

It currently handles just over 20,000.

The building will be the largest single-site hospital in the United States with a capacity of nearly 3,500 beds.

“This is a big undertaking for our hospital,” said Dr. Christopher Wittenberg, the president of the Rochester General Hospital Authority, which owns the building.

“We are building the Holy Redemption for patients, staff, and families.”

The new building is being completed by a $500 million federal grant and will house a $1 billion expansion.

The hospital is the only cardiac arrest facility in the U.S. with a dedicated cardiac unit.

The facility, with its high-capacity capacity, will be equipped with a large number of automated monitoring systems and a dedicated intensive care unit.

Wittenberg said the hospital’s patients will experience a higher level of care and the hospital will be more responsive to their needs.

The new facility will also allow for faster patient turnover.

The new hospital will open its doors in 2018.