Medical center in Franklin hospital is ‘the perfect place’ for newborns

A hospital in Franklin, Ohio, is offering newborns a unique experience with its unique incubation unit.

The Franklin Health Center has created a baby incubator that is fully equipped to incubate newborns.

It’s also a first for the Ohio hospital system.

The incubator is made of stainless steel and is attached to the wall of a large office building, complete with a small nursery.

“It’s a very unique incubator,” said Jennifer McLeod, the hospital’s chief operating officer.

“We are the first hospital in the country to be able to do that.”

McLeod said the incubator uses three different types of bacteria to grow its bacteria.

“The first is a bacteria called Pseudomonas that we use to grow the healthy bacteria inside the infant,” McLeod explained.

The baby incubators will be available for families with up to four babies. “

That’s really what we’re looking at here,” she added.

The baby incubators will be available for families with up to four babies.

The hospital plans to begin providing the incubations in late October.

The newborns will be housed in a large room.

A nurse will monitor them 24 hours a day and provide them with an IV drip of saline.

If they have any symptoms, the nurse will put them into an incubator and transfer them to a room for further care.

McLeod is excited about the incubating babies, but said they will need a lot of attention.

“They’re very small,” she said.

“When we look at them, we see a little baby.

We’re going to have to watch it for several hours to really understand how it’s going to work and what we are doing.”

McLeary said they are also trying to increase the number of incubation beds available in the hospital to accommodate the newborns and their caregivers.

The staff and patients will be asked to sign a waiver saying they agree to abide by all state and federal regulations.

The health department also will conduct a study of the effectiveness of the hospital and the incubatory.

The study will include an evaluation of the safety of the system, how the incubated infants fare in the emergency department and whether it’s effective in terms of preventing the spread of the disease.

“This is a very, very big project,” McLeary explained.