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first before you do anything article In his second week in the hospital, a New Jersey man died from complications from the Ebola virus.

His family has been battling to find out why he was taken off life support.

It’s unclear how he got there, but a state official told The Associated Press that it was “highly unlikely” he was infected.

We spoke with Dr. Andrew Noguchi, an infectious disease specialist and chief medical officer for the New Jersey Department of Health, about how this case fits into the ongoing battle against the virus.

[NPR] The CDC has said it is now taking on the task of determining the cause of death.

We asked Dr. Noguchowski if his team was working to determine whether the man was infected with the virus and he told us that it’s a critical task.

“We have been investigating this case since Monday, and we continue to work closely with our state partners,” Dr. Narayanan said.

“The question is how he died.

I think that’s the important thing.

This was a case that we’ve been working on for quite some time.”

The official said the initial results from the autopsy were inconclusive and the cause was still under investigation.

But Dr. Drago, the state epidemiologist, told us they are “certainly looking into it.”

We asked if this case has the potential to lead to more cases in the future.

He said, “I think the more we understand what’s going on, the better we can plan for it.”

Dr. Narayanas view of what’s happening in the country is changing.

The last time he spoke to us, he was telling us that “there’s a lot of concern around Ebola in New Jersey, but we’re actually doing very well.”

He said he had seen a “very good jump” in the number of people coming into the state in the last few days.

Dr. Dragg, the deputy commissioner of the state Department of Public Health, said the department is aware of other deaths in New York and is working to investigate those cases as well.

We were unable to confirm any of the other cases we’ve seen in the state.

He did not say whether New York was investigating any of those cases.

The state also has stepped up surveillance in the areas around New York City.

New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie, who was briefed on the situation by his CDC colleagues, tweeted Tuesday that he was “working hard to make sure we protect the people of New Jersey.”